An exciting Nativity Audio Drama for your Family

Fiat: A Nativity Story!

Have you heard the brand new audio drama released this week that was produced in part by Rosary Army?

It made the front page of New Advent (one of the most visited Catholic websites in the world)!

Also, Rosary Army founder Greg Willits will be on EWTN’s Son Rise Morning Show on Wednesday, December 23, 2021 to talk all about it.

Listen to Fiat: A Nativity Story right here!

2022 Giving Campaign Update

We received this amazing message last week from one of the donors to our 2022 Giving Campaign:

About the time I converted and started making Rosaries about 16 years ago, my cradle Catholic husband found Rosary Army and was instantly hooked and had a reversion to the faith.

Fast forward to six years ago, he lost his way, but came back three years later.

He still struggles but cites that it was his faith that made him turn back and he had that faith because of Rosary Army.

We are still struggling…but because we joined your daily Rosary during the lockdown, my family is together and we’ve been saying it daily as a family.

So to put it plainly, I wished you to know your sacrifice to do that video Rosary, as well as keeping the apostolate going for all these years, has resulted in saving lives.

And for that, I thank you. Because of you, as a family, we will make them, pray them, and give them away.

Isn’t that incredible?

Our donors make stories like this possible.

This is the reason Rosary Army is trying to raise money in our first major giving campaign in nearly four years.

There’s still time to help us reach our Giving Campaign goal before December 31.

Keep reading for the latest tally and to find out how many people have supported Rosary Army this week.

Can we count on your help?

Your financial support is critically needed to help Rosary Army not only continue in the New Year but to grow for the future.

If you can help, please don’t delay.

Make a tax-deductible donation to our 2022 Giving Campaign right now.

Here are some other testimonials we received this last week:

Thank you for your faithfulness to your mission. I have committed to pray all four of the mysteries daily and I use your app for it. God Bless!

And here’s another one from a donor and new Rosary maker

I received my rosary today and I love it! I’m going to start making rosaries and donating them to you folks. God bless you!

Current 2022 Giving Campaign Tally

And now for the exciting news.

When I wrote last week, we had raised just over $8,000 towards our goal of $100,000.

Obviously, this was FAR BEHIND where we needed to be.

Since then, an additional $14,500 has been donated, bringing the total of new donations specifically for our Giving Campaign to $22,345.

This amount was donated by just 63 people — which is incredible!

But what an amazing jump in gifts to this ministry!

Click here to become Rosary Army’s next donor.

But it gets better…

We have since decided to add the ongoing monthly donations Rosary Army receives each month in online and check donations to the tally.

Each month, Rosary Army’s 70 recurring donors support us with approximately $2,200 a month.

Assuming our monthly donors continue to support this ministry throughout 2022, this should add up to an additional $26,232 we can put towards the tally.

That makes for a grand total of $48,577 towards our 2022 goal (just under 50% of what we need to raise).

But that also means we still need to raise $51,423 with only 10 days left to raise it. That means we only need to raise $5,000 a day for the next 10 days.

We can do this with your help!

Please prayerfully consider making a donation to Rosary Army before time runs out.

Last Update Before Christmas

That’s it for this week.

In the meantime, please be assured of our continued prayers for you in our Rosaries each day. We pray you have a very blessed and Merry Christmas and look forward to having you as a part of Rosary Army in the New Year.

We are so grateful to have you here.

Please donate right now.

To donate, click here or use one of the forms on this page.

To donate via check, send your donation to:

Rosary Army Corp.
258 Beartooth Pkwy.
Suite 100-150
Dawsonville, GA 30534

Thank you for helping us to continue our mission in 2022 and beyond.