Filling the wrong hole

Many people feel a deep hole in their lives that they can’t quite name.

Ironically, many people let the very thing that’s causing the hole – whether it’s fear, worry, stress, anxiety, dread, or sadness — to be the very thing they use to fill that deep hole.

Think about it.

It’s like those times when you wake up in the middle of the night.  When you try to go back to sleep, you can’t. Sometimes it’s because all you keep thinking about is the fact that you can’t sleep.  This creates a vicious cycle of waking, worrying, not sleeping, worrying even more, and sleeping even less.

It’s easy for us to do that in other areas of our lives.  

We worry, and then we worry about worrying.  This causes us to worry more.  

We’re fearful, and then we’re afraid we’ll never stop being afraid.  

We’re stressed, and then we stress out about not being able to not be stressed!

For many, maybe you, breaking from this cycle can feel impossible.  

But that’s because you’re trying to fill the hole with the wrong thing.

What’s missing?

Instead of stress, worry, anxiety, and more, the thing we need to fill that hole is simple.

We need more peace.

Oh.  Really? Is that all? 

It may sound like an overly simplistic answer, but the truth is that it is that simple.

Unfortunately, with stress and anxiety rising every year, people waste more and more money, time, and energy on solutions that just don’t last.  

People who pray the Rosary, however, know something that people have known for centuries.

Praying the Rosary brings peace.  It’s as simple as that.

A free Rosary from Rosary Army is a simple, proven way to think about Jesus each day.  Praying the Rosary places you right back in history with Jesus, experiencing what He experienced, being filled with the fruits of each mystery – each story – of His life, that He hopes to share with you.

Praying the Rosary gives you abundant peace each and every time you pray it.  Praying the Rosary helps you to stop worry in its tracks every day.   

An undeniable truth

The Rosary tethers you to a truth that can be trusted: that you are loved, that you have purpose, and that Jesus exists.  And with the Rosary, you can learn to experience the peace and joy of Jesus Christ in your life each day.

How? Because the Rosary itself is a prayer of the Gospel, which is the Good News, the life and promise of salvation in Jesus Christ.  

And in this Good News, we find greater purpose that vanquishes worry, stress, anxiety, and all the other snares of the devil who wishes to keep us imprisoned in the cycle that the evil one creates, but from which God sent His only begotten Son for us to be freed.

An incredibly simple solution

The Rosary is so simple, anyone can pray it.  We have instructions here to help you.  It is proven to strengthen and heal families and relationships.  

Want more peace in your life? Pray the Rosary.

If you need a Rosary, we’d be happy to send you a beautiful, hand-made all-twine knotted one for free.

Stop letting worry take away your peace.  Join us in praying the Rosary and experience the peace the comes from God himself through this timeless prayer of the Gospels.