Persecuted from Within

Explore how saints overcame Church crises with Alec Torres, author of Persecuted from Within: How the Saints Endured Crises in the Church.


🎙️ Explore how saints overcame Church crises with Alec Torres, author of Persecuted from Within: How the Saints Endured Crises in the Church.

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In this week’s enriching podcast, we had the honor of hosting Alec Torres, co-author of “Persecuted from Within: How the Saints Endured Crises in the Church.” This episode is a profound journey into the heart of our faith, exploring the realities of persecution within the Church and the resilience of its saints.

We started with the pressing question: What is and isn’t persecution in the Church? Many might doubt the existence of such trials, but history and current events beg to differ. Torres masterfully dissected this complex issue, enlightening us on the subtleties of internal Church conflicts. He posed an intriguing question, drawing parallels between Judas’ betrayal and contemporary challenges: “What are Christians to do when Church leaders falter?” This pivotal query set the tone for our discussion on spiritual fortitude in the face of adversity.

Delving into recent history, we touched on the ominous words of Paul VI from 1972 about the “Smoke of Satan entering the sanctuary.” Torres provided an insightful analysis, balancing the focus between the last 50 years and the preceding centuries. He navigated us through the tumultuous waters of recent scandals like the McCarrick disaster and the 2018 Church’s response to COVID-19. His views on true obedience – following leaders without succumbing to sin or falsehood – offered a fresh perspective, especially regarding the dilemma faced by priests bound by their vow of obedience.

The conversation then shifted to hope and inspiration. Drawing from John 16:33, Torres explained how he steered clear of fear-mongering, instead infusing the book with a message of hope. He shared practical steps we can take amidst persecution, echoing the eternal truth that Christ has overcome the world.

Alex Torres’ background as a former speechwriter for presidents and other dignitaries, and his role as co-founder of Allograph, a strategic writing and communications firm, clearly shone through in his articulate and persuasive narrative. His expertise brought a unique depth to our discussion, making complex theological and historical concepts accessible to our listeners.

This episode with Alec Torres is a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand the trials within the Church and how to emerge stronger in faith. It’s a compelling reminder that, like the saints before us, we too are called to endure, persevere, and triumph in our spiritual journeys.

Remember, as Rosary Army soldiers, we’re not just making, praying, and giving away rosaries; we’re also fortifying our faith, learning from the past, and marching forward with hope. Tune in to this inspiring episode and let’s continue to grow together in faith and resilience.