Ready to Give Them Away?

Rosary Army encourages you to make all-twine knotted Rosaries and give them away to everyone you know.  Family. Friends. Co-Workers. People at Church.  

When you have more than you can give away, help us continue our mission by sending them to us and we'll gladly find a home for your Rosaries. 

Oh, and qualifying Rosary donations are tax deductible!

Twine and Crucifix Suppliers

NOTE: For consistency with our mission of making, praying and giving away all-twine knotted Rosaries and teaching others to do the same, Rosary Army Rosaries are only made with #36 nylon twine with a metal Crucifix.  If you plan on donating Rosaries to Rosary Army, we do not accept beaded Rosaries, or Rosaries with knotted crosses or plastic Crucifixes.  Thanks and may God bless you!

Looking for Medals, Crucifixes, and Twine for making all-twine knotted Rosaries? Rosary Army doesn't provide supplies, but because we give away our Rosaries for free, and we depend on people like you to donate Rosaries, we've done our best to find the least expensive vendors for twine and Crucifixes.

Please note that Rosary Army receives no proceeds from sales of twine, Crucifixes, starter kits or other supplies and we have no official affiliation with any of these suppliers. We merely offer these links for your convenience.  For questions regarding products or purchases from these companies, please contact them directly.

For current prices and color selection, please be sure to visit the separate websites for the various twine providers as Rosary Army's list will only be updated a couple times a year.

Twine Suppliers

Our Lady's Rosary Makers, like Rosary Army, is an apostolate dedicated to spreading the prayer of the Rosary. We get most of the Crucifixes we use on our Rosaries from them. Any rosary made with their materials must be given away and not sold.  The colors they typically offer are Light Blue, Black, Light Pink, Brown, Forest Green, Yellow, White, Orange, Olive, Hot Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Golden Tan, Bright Yellow and White.  Cost per spool: $9.00 plus shipping

FishNet Co. has black, yellow, pink, orange, green, red, blue, electric lime, brown, gold khaki, purple, white and few other shades.  Cost per spool: $8.29-$10.59 plus shipping

Rosary Cord has gold, yellow, brown, blue, olive, hunter green, white, pink, purple, red, black, and blaze orange. Cost per spool: $12.50 plus shipping

Memphis Net & Twine Co. only has green or white nylon twisted twine available, but we've been told by Rosary makers that their white twine is good for custom dying using RIT dye, Kool-Aid, or other dying techniques, and can be purchased at a discount when buying 12 or more.  Cost per spool: $7.70-$10.20 plus shipping

Twine By Design is currently the only twine supplier who has a large selection of variegated twine available, as well as a selection of solid colors.  Typical colors they offer are Black, Grey, Red, Orange, Yellow, Kelly Green, Hunter Green, Olive Green, Brown, Gold, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Electric Lime and Wine.  Cost per spool: $12.50 plus shipping

Catholic Parts sells #36 nylon 3-strand twisted, non-bonded in 1 lb. spools in Purple, White, Black, Hunter Green, Gold Tan, Olive, Brown, Pink, Royal Blue and Red.  Cost per spool : $24.97 plus shipping

Crucifix & Medal Suppliers

Catholic Parts offers a wide range of nice medals (which can be added at the centerpiece knot) and metal Crucifixes for relatively low cost.  Note: While they offer multiple sizes, ones that are between 1.25" and 2.5" in length work best. 

Note: OLRM offers many excellent metal Crucifixes, but some require a separate metal jump-ring that must be attached manually to each individual Crucifix.  Like Rosary Army, they are an apostolate dedicated to spreading devotion to the Rosary, and as such they do an excellent job keeping their costs low.

Note: Autom historically has expensive shipping charges, and many of their items are often on back order. But some of our favorite rosary crucifixes they sell are the Metal San Damiano Crucifix 50/pack, Flared Crucifix 50/pack and the Metal Liturgy Crucifix 50/pack. Just search those names in Autom’s online search tool.

Please note that for general distribution, Rosary Army does not accept Rosaries with plastic Crucifixes.  But here you can find black plastic crucifixes in bulk if you are interested in making rosaries specifically for the military and wish for Rosary Army to provide them on your behalf.

A large assortment of Crucifixes suitable for all-twine knotted Rosaries.  Be sure to confirm size and quantity before ordering, as their website changes frequently.


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