The Cutest Thanksgiving Video Ever!

It’s often difficult to tell someone how much they are needed, how thankful you are for them, and how important someone is in our lives.

It may seem strange, given that this email is reaching out to thousands of people at once, to try to convince you how thankful we at Rosary Army are for you, individually.

But we truly are thankful for you.

We are thankful that God sent the Holy Spirit to inspire you at some point to seek out the Rosary, and through it, His Son, Jesus Christ.

And in that search, somehow you were brought to Rosary Army.

Whether you were seeking an actual physical Rosary to help you pray, or looking for audio or video to pray along with, or you were hoping to learn how to make Rosaries to give away yourself, we firmly believe it was God that brought you to us.

And for this, we are extremely thankful.

We are thankful that you are a part of Rosary Army.

So as our Rosary Army family here in the United States celebrates Thanksgiving this week, please be assured of our constant prayers of thanksgiving for your role in this ministry.

Now with that, we have something a little different and fun for you in this week’s News from Headquarters video.

Since you’re a part of the Rosary Army family, we’d like to share with you a little behind the scenes with an actual family home video.

It’s what we truly believe is the cutest Thanksgiving video ever.

We explain a bit more in the video. Take a look.

Again – however you arrived at Rosary Army, thank you for being here.

For our friends in the United States and to those of you around the world, please be assured of our prayers of thanksgiving for you.

We want to pray for you during Advent

As we mentioned at the end of this week’s News from Headquarters video, submit your prayer requests in the form below.

You’ll then get an email with a confirmation link.

Just click the link and we’ll get your request and be praying for you throughout Advent.

That’s it for now. As always – make them, pray them, and give them away!

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