Remember Everything with a Commonplace Book

We discuss the benefits of journaling and commonplace books for remembering what’s important. Plus, feedback on bookstores, Materialistic Therapeutic Deism, our recent TV appearance, and a review of a recently opened Barnes & Noble location.


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πŸŽ™οΈIn this week’s Adventures in Imperfect Living podcast, Greg and Jennifer respond to the feedback they received about their recent appearance on EWTN, libraries, and bookstores. They also discuss Materialistic Therapeutic Deism and review their experience at the new Barnes & Noble location near them, which features the bookstore’s new layout and format. Additionally, they highlight the benefits of journaling and creating a commonplace book to collect notes from Mass, quotes from important books, and growing in the knowledge of important information and thoughts. Tune in to learn more about these topics and how they can improve your life.