The Official Rosary Army Mobile App

Keeping mental focus while praying your Rosary can be a struggle.

But no more.

Introducing the Rosary Army Mobile App.

Rosary Army Mobile App
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Rosary Army Mobile App

Don't Let Discouragement Keep You From Praying

You know how it feels to realize in the middle of your Rosary that you’re meditating on your grocery list instead of meditating on Jesus.  Or you find yourself thinking about this weekend’s events instead of the events of the Life of Christ. 

We’ve all done it:


Driving along and completely losing count of the Hail Mary’s you’ve said or even flat out forgetting which Mystery you’re on!

And even when you are ready to go deep in prayer, have you ever wanted to pray a Rosary but didn’t simply because you didn’t have your physical Rosary with you?

You are not alone.  

This happens to everyone.  

And while it will never replace holding a Rosary in your hands, we’ve got the solution to make it easier to pray the Rosary on the go while driving, exercising, or cleaning the kitchen.  

We’ve got the solution to help you focus.  

To give you something on which to train your eyes on the life of Christ.  

And to make you feel like you’re not alone while doing so.

Introducing the official Rosary Army Mobile App.

It’s an answer to help you pray.

And every download goes to support the ongoing work of Rosary Army, which has been dedicated to making, praying, and giving away millions of Rosaries since 2003.


The official Rosary Army Mobile App provides over 4 hours of professionally recorded audio rosaries which include all four Traditional sets of Mysteries, all four Scriptural versions and the first ever Holy Hour Rosary (all 20 mysteries in one rosary prayer recording) to get you through the day, helping you stay mentally anchored while reciting the Rosary.

Nearly 300 5-Star Reviews

Overall rating :  4.9 / 5


Best Rosary App in the store
I have been searching for two years for an app that I can play in my house or my car that isn’t too fast or too slow or too long or too noisy. I had pretty much given up finding the perfect app and settled for a few mediocre ones. Then, along came Greg and Jennifer and the Rosary Army. I almost didn’t purchase the app. I’d already spent so much money on apps that weren’t good, and $3.99 seemed like just more money down the drain. But I was familiar with Greg and Jennifer and decided to trust that the Holy Spirit had led me to the app. I am so happy that I made that purchase. The voices are crystal clear with no background noise or static. The pace is perfect. The prayers are complete (including an Amen after the Our Father, which I love)! Thank you, Rosary Army, for the perfect app.


Feels Like You’re Praying With Friends
I’m a long-time listener of Greg & Jennifer’s podcasts, and I had heard lots about Rosary Army. Once I found out that they were releasing this app for praying the rosary, I was excited to try it out. The app is beautifully designed, and it’s very simple to get started praying immediately. The resources for reading the mysteries in scripture and for viewing Greg’s artwork for each mystery are easily accessed while the audio of the prayers is playing. I have prayed the rosary by myself regularly at many times in my life, but this experience is wonderful because it seems like I’m praying with Greg and Jennifer each day.


No connection required! Plus great quality
I was hesitant to purchase this app because I had to pay for it. Boy am I glad that I did. I was in need of an audio rosary that doesn’t require data connection. This app offers that plus much more. You can access all parts of the app while audio is playing, as well as the rest of your phone. It even has full audio control through through headphones, which other apps sometimes lack. The audio is great quality. I cannot recommend this app more.

Rosary Army App on Apple's App Store
Rosary Army App on Google Play

Plus the app features:

  • Digital artwork of each Mystery custom designed exclusively for the Rosary Army Mobile App
  • Scriptural references to each prayer
  • Background on the Promises of the Rosary
  • And more features on the way


Not only do you access to beautiful and thoughtful artwork and features, but 100% of all proceeds supports Rosary Army’s mission: to make, pray and give away all-twine knotted Rosaries.

So download the Rosary Army Mobile App and:

  • Join the fight against the advances of evil in our world.
  • Be comforted in your times of sorrow.
  • Be a witness of strength to those around you.
  • Have more peace.
  • Rosary Army App on Apple's App Store
    Rosary Army App on Google Play