Rosary Army was founded in 2003 with the mission of making, praying, and giving away all-twine knotted Rosaries and teaching others to do the same.

Our prayer is that the Rosary becomes part of your life.  As a result, we hope that you, too, will learn how to make, pray, and give away these Rosaries to others.

Millions of Rosaries

Since the founding of this 501(c)3 non-profit Catholic organization, millions of free, all-twine, knotted Rosaries have been distributed around the world.  We send one to anyone who requests one from our website.  And countless more are freely given away by Rosary Army Soldiers who learned to make Rosaries from Rosary Army.

All 50 States and Around the World

Rosary Army Rosaries have been sent to all fifty of the United States.  We've also sent Rosaries to countless countries around the globe. Rosary Army "soldiers" exist in multiple countries and actively live out Rosary Army's motto of Make Them, Pray Them, Give Them Away.

The first podcast from a Catholic organization

More than just a source for information about Rosaries, over the years Rosary Army has expanded into other areas of evangelization. In addition to our core mission, Rosary Army has been a leader in Catholic new media.  

In fact, Rosary Army was the first Catholic organization to ever use podcasting technology.  We launched our first program, the award-winning Rosary Army Catholic Podcast in March 2005.  

Since then, we have continued to spread out into media production and other areas to help spread the Catholic faith far and wide. Our audio Rosaries alone have been downloaded millions of times. 

In addition to making, praying, and giving away all-twine knotted Rosaries, Rosary Army is also:

Get Involved

Rosary Army wants you to get involved. Through our online Rosary-making videos and instructions, thousands of people just like you have become Rosary Army "Soldiers." Because of this, they already discovered how easy it is to make these types of Rosaries to freely give away to others.

Our primary goal is to remove every obstacle a person may have to praying the Rosary, including giving them a free Rosary of their own. Through the Rosary, we've seen people's faith renewed, conversions to Catholicism from paganism and atheism, and a bounty of other fruits from this vineyard in which we work for God.

More than Rosaries

It is Rosary Army's goal to collect and distribute thousands of Rosaries a year while also producing podcasts, audio and video programs.  We reach out to both the Churched and un-Churched. This takes time, initiative, and donations (both of knotted Rosaries and financial support) from generous sponsors.

We invite you to get involved. Become a Rosary Army Soldier and make a difference in this world for Christ through His Mother.

Check out Rosary Army and learn how to become a part of their mission: Make Them. Pray Them. Give Them Away. #RosaryArmy

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Following the Lead of Pope St. John Paul II

In Rosarium Virginis Mariae, Pope St. John Paul II called upon the faithful to “confidently take up the Rosary once again.” Since 2003, Rosary Army has lead the charge in inspiring countless thousands of people around the globe to do just that. Their work of making, praying, and giving away all-twine knotted Rosaries and teaching others to do the same is desperately welcomed and needed in today’s divided world and, as one who prays the Rosary daily, they have my support.

Bishop Robert Reed - Archdiocese of Boston

Rosary Army Has Affected Me On A Personal Level

To me, Rosary Army is a great big extended family. In the Church we are all united as the Body of Christ and share each other’s hardships concerning moral issues, joy in events happening in the Church, etc. Rosary Army has taken that to the next level, by effecting each person individually and involving each other in personal hardships. I thank them for all they are doing for the Church in the name of the Rosary.

Brandi M. – Greensburg, KS

Making Rosaries During Chemo Treatments

I feel so blessed to have “stumbled” across the Rosary Army website. What a great group of prayer warriors and what a tremendous ministry. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cindy G. – St. Charles, MO

Rosary Army brought me to RCIA

Rosary Army was basically the catalyst I needed to get me into RCIA. I have been thinking about it and slowly taking steps to begin the process for over 3 years.

At Rosary Army, I found a group of people that were excited about being Catholic. The positive attitudes, a strong urge for everyone to better themselves, and a search for more knowledge about the Catholic faith I found at Rosary Army really sparked something inside me. Rosary Army really got me moving on this path that I could have easily taken several more years to find.

Tim J. - Ponte Verde, FL

Former Wiccan, Now RA Soldier

I think every new convert from a pagan religion, like me – wicca -- is prone to have a few catches or “speedbumps” along the way in the beginning of their conversion. Due to lack of support locally and to the quite extreme change in theology and lifestyle that accompanies this experience; when I hit my first “speedbump” I turned to the Rosary Army website. The people there were very, very helpful, and just hearing kind and encouraging words did a lot to boost my faith in God and confidence in myself.= The encouragement Rosary Army has offered me has been a big catalyst to God’s work in my life.

Dale P. - Bermuda Dunes, CA

A Mother/Daughter Experience

Rosary Army is so much more than a craft activity or a prayer group – it is a vibrant force that attractively presents Christ and His Mother as the true center of our being. It has made a tremendous difference in our lives and as the ministry grows, so will the gifts of the Spirit we are receiving!

Elizabeth D. – Conyers, GA

Former Lutheran Turns Catholic

I credit praying the Rosary and what I have learned here on Rosary Army to helping push me over the edge and to finally start RCIA this fall. If all goes well and God willing, I will be a full member of the Catholic Church at Easter of this year...Thank you Greg and Jennifer for all the hard work you do to make Rosary Army work.

Scott F. – Abilene, TX

Statement of Faith.

Rosary Army and the founders of Rosary Army are all practicing Catholics who are faithful to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, the Holy Father, and the Magisterium. We do, however, welcome Christians of other denominations to learn about the power of the Rosary and its core essence as a meditation on the life of Jesus Christ, as well as to learn more about the fullness of faith found within the Catholic Church.